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The GAP project

Our Story

The GAP project is a unique initiative to prevent gender-based violence (GBV) in isolated rural areas being developed by the Lower Napo River community, for the community. The GAP project was conceptualized in collaboration with the communities of the LNR to address primary prevention of GBV. Following the identification of the extent of GBV through immersive field research conducted in 2015 by our research team, DB Peru - a local non-profit organisation that has worked with communities of the LNR for over 15 years in health and community development - held a meeting of local leaders and promotores (lay community health workers) to discuss the situation. It emerged that the communities were concerned about violence and wanted to do something about it but lacked the resources (financial, material and knowledge) to properly address GBV. Following a discussion and brainstorming, the 25 communities agreed to develop a promotor-led community mobilization and education program to target GBV in Lower Napo River Communities, facilitated by resources from DB Peru and UCL. 

Find out more about our community health worker team here

Institutional Partners


Dr Jenevieve Mannell

Dr Geordan Shannon


Nicole Minckas

Advisory board:

Professor Sarah Hawkes


Local representatives:

Ms Diana Bowie

Mr Renzo Peña

Local Advisory board:

Ms Pilar Petite

Mr Circo Petite

Centro de Investigación Interdisciplinaria en Sexualidad, SIDA y Sociedad

Local Advisory board:

Professor Carlos F Caceres

Dr Angelica Motta

Project Partners

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