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The GAP project

Project Activities

GAP activities ran from March 2018 to December 2018, although some promotores have chosen to continue activities in their communities throughout 2019. The team of promtores achieved a total of 57 activities spanning ten LNR communities and reaching about 1,000 people. The community activities performed by GAP champions ranged from education, community meetings, and community groups through to sports, theatre and visual information dissemination. It was common for education to be delivered communally during a meeting, and for this to be followed by a community discussion where everyone could share their opinion, listen to others, and reflect. Other educational activities included household visits, theatre, visual information and use of television and other media. In addition to activities focused on increasing knowledge and engagement for violence prevention, a core component of many communities’ activities was strengthening external connections to district authorities and developing networks of support. This often involved travel to district centres to meet with authorities, or inviting district authorities to the community. The activities targeted the underlying risk factors identified in earlier PAR stages of alcohol misuse, machismo and gender norms, exposure to violence through local media, lack of knowledge on rights and values, and poverty and money management in the home. 

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