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The GAP project

Planning and Capacity-Building

Between January and March 2018, the eight GAP leaders were given two months to develop any ideas they had for specific activities that could be implemented, consult with community leaders, and build networks of support. In March 2018, we came back together as a group to continue capacity building and start planning specific activities using a Project Planner (15-page activity book) to help define and monitor potential activities within each community.  also defined the resources they would need to complete the activities, and a package of support was supplied.


Based on our planning and reflection, we undertook a series of capacity-building activities to address the skills and knowledge needs of the p during the PAR project cycle. In total, we undertook 20 days of training and skill-building over the course of the year, covering topics relevant to our project such as epidemiology and community mapping, communication and leadership skills, community engagement, strategies to deal with violence in the community, safeguarding, making an equitable household budget, navigating difficult situations, and supporting mental health. In addition, we visited the local port town of Mazan for three days, where the s received education and training by the Social Services team, Police, and the Health Post.

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