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The GAP project

Community health workers

Community health workers are at the heart of our project.

The 25 Napo communities agreed to develop a promotor-led community mobilization and education program to target GBV in Lower Napo River Communities, facilitated by resources from DB Peru and UCL. 


Through taking a PAR approach, our project fosters collaboration at multiple levels. Promotors, community leaders and health representatives, drive this project. It is through their eyes that the project is conceptualized and actualized. DB Peru, a not-for-profit healthcare organisation that has been working in the region for 15 years, will be an active partner in providing support to the promotors on a financial, logistical, and knowledge level.


In order to take this project to the next level in terms of its implementation, DB Peru and the communities have partnered with the expertise of UCL. Through working across-sector with an internationally renowned academic institution, DB Peru hopes to be able to affect sustainable and meaningful change.  

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